Paleo Diet Food List

Paleo Food List

The paleo diet is fairly simple to follow compared to some other diet options. It takes inspiration from our hunter-gatherer ancestors. It keeps things low in carbs and dairy and high in meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables. Unprocessed and wholesome foods are on the paleo diet food list. Too many sugars, carbs, and unhealthy fats are off. However, all the healthy foods in a paleo food list aren’t equal. Some should be eaten more often than others, with leafy greens and vegetables an important focus. Proteins come next in the paleo food pyramid, including meat, fish, and eggs. Healthy oils, butter, fruit, nuts, seeds, and cheese all play a role too.

What Is Paleo Food?

For a more in-depth idea of which foods are included in a paleo diet, you need to break it down. Check out this list of paleo foods to get a better understanding of what should be included in your diet.

Paleo Foods Description
Vegetables Healthy vegetables play a huge part in a successful paleo menu. When it comes to choosing your veg, you should be looking for both starchy and non-starchy tubers and root veg. These include carrots, parsnips, onions, sweet potato, eggplant, and much more. When you’re looking for paleo vegetables, you can explore most options. White potatoes are discouraged, and you should avoid legumes, including beans, chickpeas, and lentils.
Meat Meat and poultry are not only acceptable paleo diet foods, but they’re encouraged. Choosing lean proteins is a great idea, but a little healthy fat always adds flavor. You should look for free-range, grass-fed meat. It’s more ethical, and it has more flavor than other meat products.
Fish and Seafood Fish and seafood are excellent sources of protein and essential nutrients, such as omega-3s. As with meat, you should try to look for the most organic options. Buy your fish and seafood from sustainable sources. If you can find it, many paleo advocates recommend wild fish and seafood over farmed.
Eggs Eggs too should be from free-range birds, and they are a great choice to ensure you get your protein.
Fruit Fruits and berries can give you essential vitamins and minerals, but it’s important to remember they contain sugar. It might be natural, but it’s sugar nonetheless. Paleo fruit should be low in sugar most of the time. However, sometimes a fruit with more sugar will be useful when you need more carbs.
Nuts and Seeds Don’t forget to put nuts and seeds on your paleo shopping list. They make tasty snacks if you have just a handful. However, be careful not to think that all nuts and seeds are automatically healthy, no matter how many you eat. While they’re nutritious in moderation, they also contain a lot of fat.
Fats Paleo food sticks to healthy fats, including butter and coconut oil. Avoid processed oils, such as vegetable oils.
Herbs, Spices, and Condiments Flavoring is essential for paleo foods, just like any other food. Use as many herbs and spices as you like to add flavor. Vinegar, mustard, and natural condiments are great too. You can easily make a tasty paleo salad dressing.

Master The Paleo Diet

Stick to these recommended foods if you want to master the paleo diet. Your diet will be healthier and more nutritious. For hundreds of easy and tasty meal ideas combining the above paleo approved foods check out the paleo cookbook.

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